About us

The Energy Centre was founded in 2002 by Usui Reiki Master Tracy White whose years of experience in Reiki and Energy Healing has seen the centre grow exponentially over the last 15 years.

The Centre hosted the Befinity group for 2 years, and has seen various spiritual teachers and speakers using its facilities over the years.

The Centre began by providing treatments in the EMF Balancing Technique(R) and Reiki, and then teaching transformational self-empowerment Reiki courses. In 2006, Tracy developed a system called Body Balance Activation which she has been teaching since 2009 both in SA and Internationally. Tracy also offers sessions and classes in Sound Healing with Tuning Forks. She is involved with the manufacturing of the range of Vibrosonic Tuning Forks which are locally made in KZN.

Currently, The Energy Centre has three therapists - Tracy, Linda and Matthew, who, among them offer various treatments.  

Treatments on offer include:

Tracy: +27 (0)82 668 4163
(Treatments & Courses available)
Body Balance Activation
Sound Healing with Tuning forks

Linda: +27 (0)82 454 3181
Massage - Various kinds (Treatments & Courses available)
Fascia Release massage

Matthew: +27 (0)74 271 8662

Please contact each of us for relevant pricing.