A Course in Manifestation - Week 3

Week 3: The Art of Allowing:

“Don't try to force anything. Let life be a deep let-go.
See God opening millions of flowers everyday without forcing the buds”
Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh

Now that I am in a state of non resistance, I can see that I have actually moved into a place of allowing. This week I will practice the art of allowing. I will notice when I am denying and I will notice when I am accepting. When I am denying I am sabotaging myself, pinching off the flow of abundance and wellbeing into my life. It is my own doing and it does not serve me to stay there. Once I have noticed the denying energy, it has already begun to dissapate. Darkness cannot exist in the light of scrutiny. Denial is darkness. It is saying that I am unworthy, I am not enough, I am undeserving. To allow is to stand, full bodied, in the creative flow of God. I will allow it to wash over and through me, to cleanse me of my denial, so I may live again.

This is all I need to do for this week.....

- I will be aware of whether I am in a place of denying or allowing.
- Any act of sabotage is an act of denial. I will bring the light of scrutiny to it and transform it into wisdom.

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