A course of Manifestation - Week 4

Week 4: Affirmations to Manifest:

“Set your intention and trust the universe to take care of the details.”
Mike Fotheringham

Now that I am well established in my state of allowing, the affirmations that I make for myself have a clear path to go forth and make it so. I will write statements affirming what it is that I want, based on my experience of what I like about my life and what I would like to change. I will write my affirmations in the positive present tense so I may practice now awareness. I will write them while being detached from negativity in a place of non resistance. I will allow the energy of acceptance of their gifts to come to me.

My life is filled with loving people who reflect the love I have for myself.
I will list the loving people in my life and what they do that shows me that I am worthy of my self love.

I accept the flow of abundance and give joyful thanks.
I will note how the flow of abundance is cascading through my life and my gratitude for it.

I love my work, and the people I work with.
I give reasons why I love my work and the people I work with.

I am so grateful for my abundant health.
I list all the amazingly wonderful ways my health contributes to my full life.

I am so grateful for the contrasts I have experienced in my life, and I now focus my energy on my desires.
I note as many of the contrasts I can remember and the positives that have come out of them. I thank them and let them go with love and gratitude.

I forgive and release people and events that, I think, held me back.
I list people, issues and events that I am still agonising over. I work out a way to make 'it' right in my life, either by contacting them, or by writing them a letter and burning it, or forgiving myself for taking offense.

“In our daily lives, we must see that it is not happiness that makes us grateful,
but the gratefulness that makes us happy.”
Albert Clarke

This is all I need to do for this week.....

-I will write affirmations out in a little book, and make notes on each one.
-I will practice gratitude for as many different issues, events and potentials that I can think of.
-I will practice forgiveness for myself and others because I no longer want to carry the energy of darkness.

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